Wine set

(5179)  Four Gentlemen

The Chinese wine set comes complete with four wine cups and a tray - each piece is decorated with delicate motifs of the four beautiful plants.

The pewter wine jug consists of two parts - an inner cylindrical pot with a small spout, lid and brass handles, and an outer sheath. When hot water is poured into the outer sheath, it acts as a wine warmer.

The outer sheath should only be filled half full with hot water to ensure that it does not spill over when the wine container is placed inside.

The pewter wine cups and tray also feature the Swastika, an ancient Chinese symbol of longevity. The tray fits perfectly the wine jug and four wine cups.

(4127) Wine jug 11cl, 9cm x 9cm x 12cm
(2316) Wine cup, 2 pairs D5cm x 4 cm
(3386) Tray 20.5cm x 20.5cm


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