8SIAN Jade Lady x Royal Selangor (Physical) and Jade Goddess Skin (Digital)

Size: H20cm x 20cm x 18.5cm

Royal Selangor presents the exquisitely crafted 8SIAN JADE LADY pewter figurine. Rich with Asian cultural references, the figurine features a qipao-clad Asian woman in a clear green tint, which represents jade. Jade is linked with wealth and nobility within the Asian cultural sphere. A phoenix poses behind her, symbolising good fortune and prosperity. Both jade and pewter are precious and highly-valued commodities in Asia, often used in functional and heirloom pieces.

The physical 8SIAN JADE LADY x ROYAL SELANGOR figurine comes with a digital Jade Goddess Skin wearable for avatars, which will be AirDropped to the purchaser’s Metamask wallet within 4 weeks from the order date. Limited to only 100 pewter units worldwide.

About the collection

Launched at the Metaverse Fashion Week by Boson Protocol and Decentraland, the 8SIAN JADE LADY x ROYAL SELANGOR is a collaboration between Royal Selangor and homegrown NFT brand, 8SIAN.