Limited Edition Naga Pendant

Product code LS13540E

Size 5cm x 3cm

  • USD $75.00

Nagas are curious beings and like a well-trained actor, are capable of changing their form from snake to human with ease. They hold with them the elixir of life and immortality.
Designer's Profile Sabera is a well-known theatre figure who has acted in Malaysia, Singapore, India and Bali. This versatile actress has performed in a wide range of works, including the critically acclaimed Lady Swettenham directed by Tage Larsen, shown in New Delhi and Mumbai. Sabera now concentrates on directing productions through her own theatre company Masakini Theatre which produced the first shadow theatre in the country in 2011.
Exploring the malleable possibilities of pewter, Sabera has created an abstract form inspired by the mythical creature, the Naga.

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