Guan Gong Plaque

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Size: Plaque H26cm x 18cm x 0.5cm (H34.5cm including stand), stand H17.5cm x 21.5cm x 11cm

Guan Gong’s philosophy of loyalty and righteousness has been a guiding light for Chinese society, especially those in the business community.

The general commands attention in this dignified plaque, sculpted in low-relief. Selected details are gilded in 24K gold to contrast against the subdued patina of pewter. The plaque’s reverse features a treatise on good business behaviour.

A stand is included.

Guan Yu 關羽 served as a military general during the Eastern Han Dynasty (25 CE – 220 CE). A well-known historical figure and folk hero, he became a semi-fictional character in classical Chinese literature, and was eventually deified as Guan Gong (關公 Lord Guan). Chinese society reveres him as an upholder of good and defender of integrity, personifying loyalty, courage and righteousness.

Space is available for personalisation.

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The exoticism and lofty symbolism of oriental style, legacy of a millennia-old continuous civilisation, provides an opulent counterpoint to the restraint of contemporary aesthetics.