[email protected] Royal Selangor Arabesque Golden

MEDICOM TOY and Royal Selangor up the ante by introducing the 400% [email protected] Royal Selangor Arabesque Golden. This is the 4th edition in the Arabesque series which consist of the previously released Arabesque Magic, Arabesque Black and Arabesque Classic.

The Midas Touch elevates the richness of arabesque metal engraving from mere visual feast to lavish gold-toned banquet. Hand assembled with moving joints, the surface of the [email protected] is replete with curvilinear arabesque motifs derived from the elaborate steel engraved scrollwork of 19th century America and Europe. The intricacy of the 400% [email protected] Royal Selangor Arabesque design shines through the golden pewter surface.


In earlier centuries, arabesque patterns of sinuous branches, leaves or ornate lines abstracted from natural forms decorated illuminated manuscripts, walls, furniture, metalwork, and pottery.

Famed for their collaborative works, MEDICOM TOY’s [email protected] has been made-over by various designers and brands. Similarly, Royal Selangor has also collaborated with various partners to launch commemorative collections such as Star Wars, Batman, Marvel and Lord of the Rings.


Available from 25th June for a limited time only.


Some of the world's most sought after collectibles are by Japan's MEDICOM TOY. Founded in 1996, they are renowned for unique toys drawn from the worlds of anime, manga and pop culture. Their [email protected] figures rank among the most highly coveted.

Special Edition [email protected] ROYAL SELANGOR
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