Woodland Gift-boxed Shaving Set

CA$ 670.00
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Size: Bowl H4.5cm x Dia 11.5cm, brush H10.5cm x Dia 6.5cm including bristles, razor 14cm x 4cm x 2cm including cartridge razor, stand H13.5cm x Dia 13cm

The daily ritual of grooming, made all the more pleasurable with a handsome set of shaving requisites sculpted to evoke a sylvan glade. A stand with an integral drip tray holds a brush of genuine badger bristle and a razor, accompanied by a lidded bowl sized for most shaving soap pucks. In brilliant finish pewter and tempinis. The razor handle fits standard Gillette cartridge razors.

This set comes in a wooden gift box.

Space is available on the brush or bowl for personalisation.

About the collection
Austere rusticity? Perish the thought! A pastoral lifestyle doesn’t mean the denial of the finer things in life