Fu Plaque

Product code 013515E

Size H68cm x 41cm x 2cm

  • $1,505.00

The imposing fu character for ‘good fortune’, already commanding attention, is further enhanced with 24K gilding. Elaborately sculpted bamboo, chrysanthemum, peach, peony and plum blossoms, make up the character, representing the attributes of contentment, strength, integrity, longevity and humility.

The ornate fu sit above sprays of peony, which respresents good fortune, and is itself surmounted by magnolia, emblematic of beauty.

A 3.5cm x 9cm engraving plate for personalisation is included.

About the collection
The exoticism and lofty symbolism of oriental style, legacy of a millennia-old continuous civilisation, provides an opulent counterpoint to the restraint of contemporary aesthetics.