Children's Gift Collections
Cherish the moments celebrating a new baby. Presenting a special and stylish gift to commemorate the christening function, baby shower and full moon functions parties.

What could be a better reason to celebrate than the birth of a child? For every parent, bringing a new life into the world remains one of life’s biggest milestones. The arrival of a baby also brings together family and friends, making it a truly joyous event.
Royal Selangor’s collection of baby gifts will be a delight to receive for any parent. Whether it’s a christening or a baby shower, the perfect present to welcome the arrival of a newborn awaits your selection.
Commemorate your child’s every milestone with beautiful keepsakes. They hold sentimental value that appreciates over time, especially when they are handed down to your child as a memento from their childhood.

Latest Children's Collection
Disney Music Carousels

It’s hard to imagine anyone of any age who hasn’t had the magic of Disney touch their lives, particularly through their stable of iconic movies and songs. Whether it’s the retelling of beloved classics or more contemporary storylines, love, good versus evil, and an uplifting dénouement are the eternal threads that continue to delight generations. Our Disney-licensed themed music carousels pair beloved characters with signature tunes, perfect for sentimental occasions.


Blast off into a universe of imagination and adventure in retro style! Explorer time-travels back to the classic sci-fi of 60s and 70s TV, in a christening collection to scout a universe of otherworldly galaxies, extraordinary planetary systems and extraterrestrial discoveries. Climb aboard, boys and girls!


Bunnies' Day Out

For this gregarious bunch of bunnies, the adage ‘life looks better through rose-tinted glasses’ couldn’t be more apt. In their nostalgic mid-century world, every day out is a day filled with wonder, enjoyment and possibilities. What adventures await them on their next jaunt?

Personalisation Samples

Commemorate your child’s every milestone with beautiful personalised keepsakes.

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Teddy Bears' Picnic

Inspired by one of the world's most popular children's songs, every pewter piece is beautifully sculptured and elegantly finished with little bears playfully adorning the creations.

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Fairy Tales

Royal Selangor captures the enchanting spirit of our favourite fairy tales in its collection of keepsakes and gifts, Fairy Tales.

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Wonderyears pays homage to the joys of bedtime reading with the little one. The collection deftly combines the malleability of pewter with characters from classic children’s poems and stories.

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