Java Coffee Dripper

Size: Overall H21cm, funnel H9cm x 13cm x 8.5cm, cradle H18cm x 16cm x 7cm

Over 120 years old, pour-over coffee is experiencing a 21st century resurgence. The method is straightforward; hot water is poured over coffee grounds - pundits recommend a medium-fine to medium grind for best results - in a filter-lined funnel, the infused extract dripping into the waiting cup below.

With its grey glass funnel cradled in a glamorous arch of pewter, at a height intended to comfortably accommodate most mugs, the coffee dripper’s vintage Wurlitzer form easily segues out of the kitchen and into the lounge to impress company.

The funnel fits standard #4 size paper filters, and detaches from its pewter cradle for ease of cleaning.

We've included 10 filters to get you started.

About the collection
A smart Deco aesthetic elevates a simple collection to one of modernity and elegance, as appropriate for tea as it is for coffee.