Inro Bamboo, Orchid & Magpie Tea Caddy

Product code 014448

Size 3 cm (L) x 6 cm (W) x 9.5 cm (H); 14g capacity

  • Regular Price: USD $150.00

    Special Price USD $135.00

Exquisitely depicted in pewter, the magpies on this tea caddy are messenger birds also known as good fortune birds or birds of joy, while the Bamboo and Orchid represent strength and elegance respectively. When the three are combined, they indicate the approaching of strength and elegance. This caddy also comes with a gold cord and tassel, and Nyatoh wood bead to secure the cap.
Compact and mobile, these exquisite tea caddies make great gifts for avid tea drinkers who can't resist having a cup of tea whenever and wherever.

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