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Melon Teapot LG

Product code 015111R

Size H14cm (H18cm including handle) x 20.5cm x Dia 17cm x 150cL
Capacity: 1500ml

  • USD $750.00

The Melon teapot is an exact replica of Yong Koon’s original, albeit updated with a mod con or two; the sweeping brass handles are wrapped in rattan to insulate against any heat transfer, and the entire teapot is given a brilliant finish to show off its lush, Rubenesque curves. Includes a fitted sieve.

Space is available for personalisation.

To acknowledge provenance, the 015111R teapot is stamped with Yong Koon’s circa 1885 - 1930 Yuhe Zuxi hallmark. Yuhe translates as brand name Jade Harmony, whilst Zuxi, attesting to superior material content, means pure tin.

About the collection
The exquisite proportions, subtle detailing and naturalistic charm of founder Yong Koon’s late 19th century melon-shaped teapot informs the heritage Melon collection in bright finish pewter.

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