Civility, respect and consideration for the needs of all. Also known as Confucianism, the philosophy of Confucius (551 - 479 BCE) continues to have a profound effect on the cultures of East Asia, with its emphasis on family and social harmony. A teacher and philosopher, Confucius guided many disciples drawn to his espousal of justice, meritocracy and a benevolent moral code. With disciples believed to number in the thousands, Royal Selangor’s selection is determined by Chiang Yi-tze, an acclaimed Taiwan-based artist who also sculpted the contemplative masters of this collection.

Born in 1938, and a promising artist in his youth under the mentorship of Confucian master Li Bing-nan, Taiwan-based artist Chiang Yi-tze voluntarily withdrew from the art world in the late 1960s to better his art in private. After a four decade hiatus, Chiang returned, showing his art in public to promulgate the philosophies of Confucianism and Buddhism, to honour a promise made to his mentor.

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