Crystalline 7 Arm Candelabra

Product code 0131017R

Size 33 cm (W) x 34.5 cm (L) x 16.5 cm (H)

  • Regular Price: USD $760.00

    Special Price USD $684.00

The design of the candelabra is inspired by the faceted geometry of crystals. It is polished in royal finish to simulate the reflective qualities of crystal. The seamless joining of pewter forms is reminiscent of people holding hands, signifying unity in celebrating happy moments together at the dinner table. The candelabra makes an elegant centrepiece for any interior. The 7 arm candelabra can be used together with the 5 arm candelabra by nesting the latter in the the 7 arm candelabra - creating a statement centerpiece for your dining table.

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