Limited Edition Gilt A New Hope Diorama (pre-order)

Product code 0179026E

Size Sculpture H30cm including base x 18.5cm x 17cm, backdrop H21.5cm x 14.5cm x 7cm

  • $950.00

A limited edition of 300 individually numbered pieces worldwide.

As if illuminated by the glow of a lightsaber, 24K gilding enhances the exhilarating translation of Star Wars: A New Hope’s definitive poster into 3D. Cast in fine pewter, Luke Skywalker and Princess Leia strike dramatic poses on a plinth of composite resin. Its independent backdrop, attached by hidden magnets, features the operatic scope of the iconic tableau.

Exaggerated in the extreme, it leaves an indelible impression on an entire generation.

The promotional poster, designed in 1977 by the Brothers Hildebrandt in conjunction with its theatrical release, not only captures the operatic nature of Star Wars: A New Hope, it pays tribute to the best in 1930s science fiction visual imagery.

Orders ship early October 2021, in time for the holidays.