Butterfly Tumbler

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Size H10cm x Dia 7cm

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An elongated adaptation of a Qing dynasty Guangxu reign (1875 – 1908) porcelain teacup, the elegantly flared tumbler features butterflies fluttering over chrysanthemums. The 24K gilded rim of peony blossoms is inset with cartouches containing more butterflies and Buddha’s Hand citron. Symbolically, the motifs are a celebration of conjugal bliss. Butterflies stand for romance, joy, beauty and dreams, chrysanthemums for friendship. The peony represents both feminine beauty and yang, the male principle, and the citron, divine protection.

About the collection
A modern expression in pewter of extravagantly coloured nonya ware, unique to the Peranakan communities of Penang, Malacca and Singapore.

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