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Limited Edition Joker Batman #251

Joker Batman Volume 1 #251

The Joker, overwhelmed with madness and malice, wages a menacing campaign of retribution on the traitorous cabal responsible for his capture.

Limited to 800 individually numbered pieces worldwide.

Gilt Joker Batman Volume 1 #251

In 24K gilt, against a dramatic black and white comic cover replica.

Limited to 200 individually numbered pieces worldwide.

Limited Edition Batman #1

Batman #1

Batman swings across the Gotham City rooftops against a coloured copy of the original 1940 comic cover art. Limited to 800 individually numbered pieces worldwide.

Gilt Batman #1

Gilded in 24K, Batman swings across the Gotham City rooftops against a black-and-white copy of the original 1940 comic cover art. Limited to 200 individually numbered pieces worldwide.

Limited Edition Wonder Woman

1987’s reimagining of the Wonder Woman mythos reaffirms her Amazonian heritage with a heightened degree of Greek mythology, portrayed to great effect in George Perez’s spectacular cover art.

Wonder Woman

The sculpture is propped against a coloured copy of the original 1987 comic cover art. Limited to 800 individually numbered pieces worldwide.

Gilt Wonder Woman

Gilded in 24K, the sculpture is propped against a black-and-white facsimile of the original 1987 comic cover art. Limited to 200 individually numbered pieces worldwide.

Limited Edition Batman Shogun

XM Studios expands their Samurai Series with a sensational addition; a mounted Batman and his war horse in battle armour. Both Batman’s armour and the horse’s full barding clearly reference the aesthetic style and construction of the Edo period, but all form and detailing speak with the bat’s unmistakable design vocabulary.

Exquisitely detailed in brushed pewter, Batman and his war horse trample the crushed effigy of his arch nemesis the Joker, modelled in bonded porcelain.

Batman Shogun

Limited to 500 individually-numbered pieces worldwide.

Gilt Batman Shogun

Also available in a gilt finish, limited to only 200 pieces worldwide.

Limited Edition Superman Action Comics #1

Royal Selangor celebrates covers that have become classics in over 80 years of superhero comic book history.

The first in this series is the Limited Edition Superman Action Comics #1, created in collaboration with Warner Bros. Consumer Products, on behalf of DC Entertainment.

Myths develop over time. In the case of Superman’s, it emerges fully-formed in 1938, depicted on the cover of Action Comics #1. Hoodlums flee a powerfully-built figure garbed in a close-fitting suit with a sweeping cape as he smashes the car he holds effortlessly aloft; the embodiment of a superhero in a single iconic image.

In 2010, the comic book becomes the first to sell at auction for US$1 million. Copies from its original print run continue to rank amongst the world’s most expensive, with a specimen fetching over US$3 million in 2014.

Superman Action Comics #1

Illustrator Alan Quah and sculptor Mufizal Mokhtar’s sensitive homage brings the cover to spectacular three-dimensional life. Cast in pewter, a recognisably retro Superman defies gravity, cape unfurled. He carries the remains of the unfortunate vehicle, in bonded porcelain. Removing its crumpled bodywork reveals a meticulously modelled chassis and engine. Limited to only 800 pieces worldwide, this unique sculpture could take pride of place on an office desk or in the living room.

Gilt Superman Action Comics #1

Limited Edition Superman Action Comics #1 is also available in a gilt finish with a black-and-white comic cover, limited to only 200 pieces worldwide.

Limited Edition Batman 80th Classic Batmobile Replica

A limited edition of 3,000 individually numbered pieces worldwide.

With a SOCK! POW! and BIFF!, the Dynamic Duo combats villains in the wonderfully camp Batman TV series of the late 1960s. Possibly the most beloved of the show’s props, certainly the most recognisable, the classic more-is-more Batmobile checks every box when it comes to vintage technology, with its distinctive rear rocket booster, and a ludicrously extensive arsenal of gadgets. Our 1/32 scale version, presented in a stylish satin finish to accentuate every detail, replicates the souped-up vehicle meticulously.

Limited Editions

Batman - Samurai Series Replica

Royal Selangor’s 1/6 scale replica reproduces every detail of XM’s dramatic original. Batman, his foot on an especially grotesque onigawara , is clad in an elaborate pseudo-steampunk take on samurai armour, brandishing a pair of formidable katana. Held in place by magnetic fittings, the hands can be switched out for ones grasping batarangs.


From his vantage point atop a gargoyle high above Gotham, the Dark Knight scans the city’s streets in anticipation. A dramatically windswept cape amplifies the commanding pose, framing a defined musculature in an exquisitely detailed suit. This collectible, conceived by Alan Quah and Mufizal Mokhtar, debuted at San Diego Comic-Con 2017.


Batman Resolute

The Caped Crusader's determination to rid Gotham of crime can verge on the ruthless. Even at 1/12 scale, this chilling zeal is deftly captured by Alan Quah and Mufizal Mokhtar's quietly dramatic sculpture.


Batman’s archenemy, portrayed in his most classic and perhaps most disturbing appearance, on the cusp of a jail break. That the monochromatic treatment does nothing to diminish the Joker’s violent sociopathic menace is testament to the talents of artists Alan Quah and Mufizal Mokhtar.

Batmobile Replica

The iconic Batmobile from director Tim Burton’s 1989 Batman and 1992 Batman Returns theatrical releases. Presented in a dark antique finish to approximate the vehicle’s customary appearance, but with the glimmer of pewter adding an intriguing sheen.


Supervillain or antihero; Catwoman’s status in Gotham has always been hard to pin down, abiding as she does by her own moral code. Possessed of an almost superhuman gymnastic agility, her notoriety as a cat burglar is at odds with the selflessness with which she protects her neighbourhood.

Miniature Figurines

Joker Bronze Age

The unhinged criminal mastermind, in his classic Bronze Age appearance.

Batman Rebirth

The Dark Knight hunkers down, blending into Gotham’s shadow in his Batman Rebirth Batsuit.


Batman Insignia Cufflinks

Batarang Letter Opener

Batman Insignia Lapel Pin


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