Five Elements Tea Caddy LG

Product code 014458

Size H16.5cm x Dia 10cm x approx 250g capacity

Capacity: 5 Taels(Approximately 250 grams)

  • USD $310.00

Based on the stem of the bamboo, each segment is devoted to the display of one of the Five Elements. Rising from its foot, water is followed by wood, fire and earth, with metal at the apex. In satin finish pewter with nyatoh detailing, the tea caddy features a double layer lid for airtightness.

Space is available for personalisation.

About the collection
The millennia-old Five Elements philosophy, conceived to explain natural phenomena, and to restore balance and harmony, forms the core of Freeman Lau’s collection. A 4-character seal for ‘perpetual regeneration’, a tenet of the concept, marks the collection.