Magical Moments
It’s hard to imagine anyone of any age who hasn’t had the magic of Disney touch their lives, particularly through their stable of iconic movies and songs. Whether it’s the retelling of beloved classics or more contemporary storylines, love, good versus evil, and an uplifting dénouement are the eternal threads that continue to delight generations. Our Disney-licensed themed music carousels pair beloved characters with signature tunes, perfect for sentimental occasions.

Unable to help Elsa, yet unwilling to give up, Anna reaches out each time she passes her sister’s door, asking Elsa Do You Want To Build A Snowman, in the hopes of rekindling their childhood bond. In the story’s dramatic conclusion, the love the sisters have for each other proves triumphant, saving them both.

Snow White

The kind and gentle Snow White waltzes dreamily while her classic tune Someday My Prince Will Come plays. Generous and lovely, Snow White delights in the Seven Dwarfs’ company and becomes a great friend to them.

Limited Edition Gilt Mulan

Disney’s 1998 adaptation of the 6th century legend tells the story of the courageous Mulan who takes her aged father’s place in the army in a fight against the invaders.

Reflection emphasises Mulan’s belief in being true to herself against others’ expectations of her. She faces her adversary in 24K gilt, on the teal-finished palace rooftop made of composite resin.

Limited to only 1,000 pieces worldwide.


Since it’s initial cinematic release in 1940, Disney’s retelling of a late 19th century Italian children’s story of love, bravery and redemption has become one of the most cherished movies of all time. The animated movie and it’s signature tune When You Wish Upon A Star consistently appear in any list of the best 100 in history.


Cast out by his treacherous uncle, the young lion cub lives his life in fear, out in the Savannah. Through his friends, he learns to let his worries go and focus on staying positive.


Disney’s animated cartoon of a story from The Book of One Thousand and One Nights, itself an 18th century take on an earlier Syrian folk tale, features a crowd-pleasing genie, emerging from his lamp and belting out a brassy 40s swing-style Friend Like Me upon first meeting a befuddled Aladdin. In pewter, on a base of composite resin.

Timon & Pumbaa

Timon and Pumbaa, relaxing on a leafy cushion crawling with their favourite snack, encourage the young Simba not to wallow in the past but to live in the present with the philosophy of Hakuna Matata; no worries. The lion cub happily embraces the meerkat and warthog’s credo, firm friends for life. In pewter, on a base of composite resin.

Time for Something Sweet
Winnie the Pooh

Friends aside, nothing makes Pooh happier than spending some quality time with his favourite food. Settling back comfortably, the tubby little cubby all stuffed with fluff gets to greedy grips with a pot of honey as the carousel rotates to Winnie the Pooh. Let’s hope the honey washes out!

Where Imagination Inspires
Limited Edition Sorcerer Mickey

Apprentice Mickey, in a dream, imagines himself a great sorcerer commanding sea & sky with a flourish of his hands, blissfully unaware that the innocent spell cast to lighten his workload is causing quite a bit of mayhem indeed. The magic of Swarovski crystals sparkles on this limited edition as The Sorcerer’s Apprentice plays.

Limited Edition Gilt Cinderella

Gilded in 24K gold to celebrate the 70th anniversary of its cinematic release in 1950, Cinderella waltzes to A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes in the quintessential fairytale romance.


Change can turn life upside down. Take it from this pull-string cowboy who was suddenly replaced by Buzz Lightyear as Andy’s favourite toy. Although their relationship was initially tense, Woody eventually accepted Buzz and gained a new friend in the process. In short, there is always a silver lining in every cloud.

Limited Edition Elsa

Overwhelmed by strong emotion, Elsa accidentally plunges Arendelle into an eternal winter and flees to the North Mountain. When she is able embrace her true self, she became a happier person. Like Elsa, we can all benefit from alone time to pursue our passion and create something beautiful.


The indignity of serving an uncaring step-family is enough to make anyone bitter. Yet, Cinderella continues to hope for a better life. Regardless of circumstances, we should always make the effort to stay optimistic and try to find our own happiness.


Belle lived in town and did not care about what other people thought of her interest in books. Belle’s compassionate and adventurous nature shines when she learns to see the cold-hearted Beast as a kind and gentle soul while trapped in an enchanted castle.


Yearning for adventure, Ariel went all the way out to explore the human world. She also sacrificed her precious talent, her beautiful singing voice to achieve her goal.


Her willingness to open her mind to possibilities is embodied in her magic carpet ride above her city. Princess Jasmine is not content to sit on the sidelines. She’s courageous enough to stand up for herself when Jafar, her father and Prince Ali discuss her future.

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