Five Blessings
Lunar New Year Gifts that Evoke Good Fortune
Inspired by wufu or the ‘five blessings’, which include longevity, prosperity and health.
Wealth Bowl

Its rim is gilded with 24K gold which enhances the crisp facets of the interior’s stylised fu character. It comes with a classic Chinese-style display and an engraving plate for personalisation.

Tea Caddy

It has double precision fit lids that provide an airtight seal. Lifting the outer lid, with its five bats circling a central chisel-profile fu character, reveals an inner lid.
A travel-size version is also available.


The deep hue of walnut-stained nyatoh veneer enhances the brightness of pewter. Features a rim of repeating lingzhi, and a central disc of wufu which has a crisp chisel-profile fu character at the centre.

Tea Set

Cloud-shaped lingzhi motifs encircle a tray with a faceted fu character. Stylised lotus petals decorate the body of the teapot. Comes with four white porcelain teacups.


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