An expression of tradition, culture and individuality, the art of tattooing is over 5,000 years old and continues to evolve. Ink, the collaboration between three renowned tattoo artists and Royal Selangor, proves that the craft goes beyond the tip of the needle.
Limited Edition Ortis Tiger Hip Flask

Tiger Hip Flask

Horimono-Style Tiger Tattoo

Tattoo Artist, Luca Ortis


Designed by London based tattoo artist Luca Ortis who specialises in the traditional Japanese style of Horimono, the tiger hip flask features the powerful feline depicted on a rock and surrounded by bamboo. The tiger symbolises strength and courage, while the rock represents strength and bamboo, which is known for both toughness and flexibility. Limited to 500 hip flasks worldwide.

Limited Edition Vu Noir Spider Hip Flask

Spider Hip Flask

Surrealism Tattoo Art Featuring a Female Face and a Spider

Tattoo Artist, Adam Vu Noir


A black widow spider takes centre stage with a pair of alluring eyes and a fully-bloomed rose in the spider hip flask by Adam Vu Noir. A clash of styles between western fine line tattooing and surrealism, this design evokes a sense of power, mystery and growth.

A multimedia artist from Los Angeles, California, Adam is one of the only artists on earth to have tattooed on all seven continents. With his distinctive approach to surrealist art, he has established his name as one of the leading artists in contemporary tattooing. Limited to 500 hip flasks worldwide.

Limited Edition Taco Joe Eagle Hip Flask

Eagle Hip Flask

Classic American Tattoo Style Featuring an Eagle

Tattoo Artist, Taco Joe


Tattoo artist, Taco Joe renders the majestic eagle in classic American tattoo style on a hip flask. Soaring from lofty heights, the eagle is associated with freedom, resilience and the ability to rise above adversity. He is based in Kuala Lumpur and specialises in old school tattoos. Limited to 500 hip flasks worldwide.

Ink Hip Flasks
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