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Sculptura Leaping Koi

Size: H27.5cm x 11cm x 9cm

Chinese mythology tells of koi competing annually to leap the Dragon’s Gate falls. The journey upstream already arduous, those successful in finally overcoming the cataract are transformed into dragons, auspicious symbols of power and benevolence.

The koi, in 24K gilt brilliant finish pewter, features the traditional technique of dimpling to create its distinctive pattern. With a final flick of its tail, it surges up a waterfall of bonded porcelain, treated in a glimmering gunmetal gray finish for dramatic contrast.

This enduring cultural symbol is a metaphor for success achieved through perseverance, and makes a suitable acknowledgement for important occasions.

About the collection
Streamlined objets of unmistakable symbolism and presence, with emphasis on material, form and refinement.