Limited Edition 2022 Year of the Tiger Plaque

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Size: H38cm x 28cm x 5.5cm

A limited edition of 1,000 individually numbered pieces worldwide.

A tiger stands proud amidst a rocky landscape, against a parabolic pewter disc inscribed with a repeating wan or ‘ten thousand years’ longevity pattern. Together, the composition represents steadfast confidence in the present and future, and the determination to succeed.

Stylised waves, rocks and clouds provide a dramatic backdrop in crimson composite resin. Considered together, the plaque’s bold disc and its rectilinear frame reference the Chinese concept of the dome of heaven and the earthly plane, with its allusions to universal harmony.

Folk tales recount the oriental zodiac's origins with the story of the Great Race, called by the deity the Jade Emperor to assign each year in the 12-year cycle an animal in the order they reached him by crossing a river. First past the post was the Rat, then the Ox, Tiger, Rabbit, Dragon, Snake, Horse, Ram, Monkey, Rooster, Dog and Pig.

Included is a 4cm x 12cm engraving plate. Appropriate for personalisation in either landscape or portrait orientation, it slots comfortably into the frame’s integral channel.

About the collection
The Tiger is the third sign of the Chinese zodiac. Those born in the Year of the Tiger (1950, 1962, 1974, 1986, 1998, 2010, 2022) share the character traits of bravery and competitiveness, but also generosity and charm. They are said to be natural born leaders.