Celestial Wisdom Zhongyou Replica

Product code 017996

Size Replica H21cm x 12cm x 10.5cm, stand H6cm x 21cm x 18.5cm

  • $820.00

A valiant but brash individual, Zhongyou, with the courtesy name Zilu, was one of Confucius’ most faithful disciples, and is revered as one of the Twenty-four Confucian Paragons of Filial Piety.

A faithful replica of the bronze original, this pewter edition comes with a wood stand in a dark walnut stain, inset with a handwoven bamboo mat.

About the collection
Meticulously reproduced as pewter editions, Chiang Yi-tze’s expressive yet contemplative sculptures of Chinese philosopher Confucius and his inner circle of disciples display the artist’s innate skill, and his deep understanding and great admiration for the tenets of Confucianism.