Lunar New Year Inspirations
Discover simple ideas on how to effortlessly refresh your home, find significant gifts and host an elegant reunion dinner, even if it is done virtually, for the upcoming Lunar New Year.
Home Décor

Decorating your home for Lunar New Year can be gratifying. Choose a few auspicious items and pick specific areas in your house to highlight.

Limited Edition 2021 Year of The Ox Plaque
The Year of the Ox plaque is embellished with 24K gold and limited to only 1,000 worldwide.

The lone figure of the ox moves purposefully in an upward direction, within a circular frame of a repeating wan or ‘ten thousand years’ longevity pattern incised in a satin finish pewter parabolic disc, signifying new opportunities for flourishing relationships, careers and prosperity in the year ahead.

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Gift Ideas

Reconnect with those who are important to you, and showcase your appreciation and gratitude through meaningful gifts that will always be treasured.

Leaping Koi
Chinese mythology tells of koi competing annually to leap the Dragon’s Gate falls. The journey upstream already arduous, those successful in finally overcoming the cataract are transformed into dragons, auspicious symbols of power and benevolence.

The koi, in 24K gilt brilliant finish pewter, features the traditional technique of dimpling to create its distinctive pattern. With a final flick of its tail, it surges up a waterfall of bonded porcelain, treated in a glimmering gunmetal gray finish for dramatic contrast.

This enduring cultural symbol is a metaphor for success achieved through perseverance, and makes a suitable acknowledgement for important occasions.

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Reunion Dinner

The reunion dinner marks the biggest family gathering on the Lunar New Year’s Eve and considered to be the most important part of the celebration. Make it merrier by including your faraway family members via a video call.

Burke Tray
Liberty looks to the unpretentious simplicity of colonial American pewter in an interpretation for the contemporary table.

This handsome Burke tray in brilliant finish pewter with a Georgian-style pie crust rim, conveys refreshments, yee sang, also known as “prosperity toss”- an integral tradition during Lunar New Year especially in Singapore and Malaysia, which consists of a colourful array of raw fish salad, or sweet treats for the “tray of togetherness”, in style.

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Tea Tradition

Tea offering is the first ritual on the first day of Lunar New Year. Tea is served to the oldest member of the family who then passes it on to the younger members with a tray of sweets, also known as the tray of togetherness, signifying prosperity and harmony.

Five Blessings Tea Set
The Five Blessings collection features five stylised bat motifs. Considered as an auspicious animal, the pronunciation of bat in Chinese is a homophone for ’blessings’. The motif of the five bats refers to wufu or the ‘five blessings’ which include longevity, prosperity, health and virtue.

Cloud-shaped lingzhi encircle a tray of walnut-stained nyatoh veneer with its inlaid pewter disc featuring the wufu and lingzhi surrounding a faceted fu character. Stylised lotus petals wrap the body of the teapot, wufu fluttering on its shoulder. Inlaid with pewter, its nyatoh lid minimises heat transfer. Accompanied by a quartet of low-profile white porcelain teacups.

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