Museum and Gallery
Wander through intriguing museum exhibits and witness real-time pewter crafting
A visceral tour through The Gallery brings you back to the past in which tin was a prized commodity. The triumphs and challenges of Royal Selangor’s founder, Yong Koon are revisited through the narration of the guide and displays of Yong Koon’s tools, his personal effects and pewter artefacts.

Then head over to the factory, the heart of Royal Selangor’s brand of pewter crafting. Acquaint yourself with the processes of the craft. The more adventurous are welcome to challenge themselves by hammering small uniformly-sized dimples on a cylindrical pewter sheet- the same process used by Royal Selangor artisans to create the classic hammered finish. Get a bird’s eye view of real-time manufacturing which takes place at the factory floor. The tour also includes a brief look at the craft of fine jewellery by Selberan, another Royal Selangor company.

Glimpse fine sterling silver pieces through the Comyns Archive which contains 35,000 patterns, drawings and moulds of the 300 year old sterling silver brand acquired by Royal Selangor in 1993. The centre also houses a showroom filled with contemporary and classic pewter home décor and accessories. It also contains a Selberan and Comyns boutique.
Photo Gallery
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