Noah's Ark Container

Product code 016460

Size H7cm x 6cm x 4.5cm

  • $50.00

Exquisitely crafted from Pewter, this elaborate little Ark features a few of its little passengers poking their heads out the ship’s cabin! There’s a Lion with a painted golden mane, an orange-spotted Giraffe poking its long neck out the roof, and a Horse seemed to have needed some fresh air too. There mustn’t have been room for the pink-eared Elephant inside because he’s balancing precariously on the cabin roof… or does that have something to do with the little mouse!
Just lift up the animals and below deck is a small compartment, just the right size for keeping little trinkets. Its adorable design will capture the imaginiation of any child, and make it the perfect gift for a new arrival or any lucky child.