Special Edition Malaysia Baru Medallion

Product code LS14170A

Size Dia 6.5cm

  • USD $35.00

The Malaysia Baru Medallion: Celebrating the Power of the People

The 14th general election witnessed Malaysia’s first ever change of government. On that historic Wednesday 9 May 2018, millions of Malaysians came together and expressed their desire for change through the ballot box. This date now marks the birth of a new Malaysia, a Malaysia Baru, where its people are actively engaged in determining its future because they know they have the power to do so. To commemorate that special day, Royal Selangor has launched a special edition Malaysia Baru medallion.

One side of the medallion captures the birth date of this Malaysia Baru, while the other side features hands joining forces symbolising the power of the people and democracy. The show of unity is in line with this year’s Merdeka theme, Sayangi Malaysia Ku.

20% of the sales of the Malaysia Baru medallion will be donated to Tabung Harapan.