Personalisation Guide
Master the fine art of expressing appreciation and regard
Gift giving is a beautiful expression of courtesy, gratitude and respect. It begins with carefully selecting a gift that closely matches the recipient’s personality. Royal Selangor offers engraving and colour printing to add a touch of individual flair to the occasion.

Meaningful phrases, significant dates, initials, names and company logos are emblazoned on your pewter piece using two types of engraving methods:

Perfect for any pewter surfaces

Laser Engraving
Ideal for wooden or glass surfaces

Logos and coloured images can be imprinted on gifts rewarding excellence and celebrating partnerships, turning every occasion into an opportunity to promote the corporate brand.

Font Styles
Engraving Charges
  Font Style Engraving Cost
 Basic Fonts  0.11 per character
 Premium Fonts  0.44 per character
 Monogram  1.00 per character
 Chinese Fonts  0.44 per character
 Staining  3.91 per item
 * Minimum engraving charge is USD 1.96
 * Logo Engraving artwork should be provided in vector/ai image format, please email [email protected] to find out about logo engraving charges.
Engraving Styles


Staining is a process whereby the engraved text is darkened to add contrast and visibility to details.

Staining is done by applying a layer of lacquer before the fonts are engraved. After engraving, engravers will stain the fonts with a chemical to make them stand out, which enhances the overall appearance of the product.

How to Submit an Engraving Order

Step 1:    Click "Add Engraving" button on the product page. Click "Proceed to Text-only Engraving" button on the next page.


Step 2:    Select your preferred font style. Please refer to the font style examples on the right. Type the message you would like to engrave on the item here.


Step 3:    Determine the placement of engraving - to engrave the front, back or bottom of an item. Determine the vertical alignment of engraving - to engrave on the top, middle or bottom of the front or back of an item. Please refer to the examples of placements and vertical alignments.


Step 4:    Check the staining option if you want to add contrast and visibility to your engraving. Please refer to the examples of the item with staining and without staining.


Step 5:    Click to view your engraving charges. Tick the checkbox to agree to our terms and conditions. You will be redirected to product page with your engraving details. Please click "Add to Cart" to proceed.

For further assistance, please email [email protected]

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