Speaks Volumes
Exploring the low-tech amplification of sound via a high-style combination of warm wood and richly-textured metal, Phonos amplifies sounds from a mobile phone by inserting the device vertically in its wooden dock.

Ideal for video conferencing when working from home, playing music or phone call in speaker mode, Phonos’ base has an opening that allows the phone’s charging cable to run through to charge, while in use.

Fits most charging cables and mobile phones with the thickness of up to 10mm (1cm).

Pod Amplifier Bronze

The sunburst motif in brilliant pewter and bronze accent finish is reminiscent of radio grilles from the Deco era to the 1950s.

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Pod Amplifier Copper

Brutalist style meets pewter and copper. Nostalgic radio inspires this pod amplifier. The acoustic shell’s interior is accented with a warm copper finish.

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Pod Amplifier Turquoise

A brilliant diamond jacquard pattern set against a refreshing blue-green background.

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Pod Amplifier Amethyst

Brilliant pewter is set against a high-relief surface pattern in amethyst purple.

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Pod Amplifier Graphite

The sparkling cross-hatch of brilliant pewter diamonds is amped up by the rich charcoal dark tint. Looking retro!

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