Phonos amplifies the sound of your mobile phone via a high-style combination of warm wood and richly textured pewter.

Enjoy your music, videos or calls on speaker mode seamlessly as it allows your charging cable to run through it while in use, anytime, anywhere. Perfect for virtual meetings or as gifts for any occasion. No batteries or cords required!

The Flare series imitates a speaker horn and is available in three colours. Fits most mobile phones and charging cables depending on the smartphone case in use.

Green Flare Amplifier

In a rich forest green paint finish. The attached base is in walnut-stained wood.

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Blue Flare Amplifier

In ocean blue paint finish and contrasted against brilliant finish pewter, on a base of walnut-stained wood.

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Red Flare Amplifier

Comes in a pearlescent berry red paint finish. The rakishly angled base is in walnut-stained wood.

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Bronze Pod Amplifier

The sunburst motif in brilliant pewter and bronze accent finish is reminiscent of radio grilles from the Deco era to the 1950s.

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Copper Pod Amplifier

Brutalist style meets pewter and copper. Nostalgic radio inspires this pod amplifier. The acoustic shell’s interior is accented with a warm copper finish.

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Turquoise Pod Amplifier

A brilliant diamond jacquard pattern set against a refreshing blue-green background.

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Amethyst Pod Amplifier

Brilliant pewter is set against a high-relief surface pattern in amethyst purple.

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Graphite Pod Amplifier

The sparkling cross-hatch of brilliant pewter diamonds is amped up by the rich charcoal dark tint. Looking retro!

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Limited Edition Snowdrift White Pod Amplifier

A special Christmas edition limited to 500 pieces.

Snowy pearlescent white shimmers across the crisp facets and interior of this amplifier, a special edition for the holidays. The lively surface treatment is inspired by articulated cast concrete façade of the Welbeck Street car park, an atypically elegant expression of the Brutalist style, and a London design icon lost to redevelopment.

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The Limited Edition Firecracker Red Pod Amplifier

A special Lunar New Year edition limited to 500 pieces.

Red, the colour of spent firecracker casings carpeting the ground at traditional Lunar New Year celebrations, marks this special edition. The hue forms a striking backdrop against the sunburst motif which symbolises the start of a new day and a new year.

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