Raising the Bar
Unleash your inner mixologist. Whether you’re fixing to sip an evening drink or entertaining guests at home, mixing cocktails is a surefire way to add spirit (pun intended!) to your party.

We bring together 4 experienced mixologists from around the globe: CK Kho from Malaysia, Dean Buchanan from Australia, Jack Jamieson from the United Kingdom and Natasha Mesa from the United States of America, to share their creativity and mixology tips and tricks to help you master the craft from the comfort of your home.

Get your cocktail essentials ready or discover our cocktail starter kits that come with exclusive recipes and tips by the mixologists. You’ll be on your way to mixing cocktails like a pro in no time!

Come on, let’s get started!

Cocktail Kit 1

Dabble in the world of cocktails, one spirit at a time!

Cocktail Kit 1 comprises our Bar collection’s Hexagon Whisky Tumbler Pair, Hexagon Muddler, Hexagon Bar Measure, Hexagon Bottle Opener and V&A William Morris’ Foil Cutter.

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Cocktail Kit 2

Be adventurous! Experiment with different flavours.

Cocktail Kit 2 comprises Bar’s Hexagon Cocktail Shaker, Hexagon Whisky Tumbler Pair, Diamond Martini Glass Pair, Hexagon Muddler, Hexagon Bar Measure, Hexagon Bottle Opener and V&A William Morris’ Foil Cutter.

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The Mixologists

Four mixologists from around the world will each invent two special cocktail recipes which infuse Asian ingredients using Royal Selangor’s drinkware offerings and accessories.

Gain exclusive insight into these recipes and techniques when you purchase a cocktail kit.


CK Kho, one of Kuala Lumpur’s prominent bartenders, also owns the Coley Cocktail Bar, a well-loved bar in Kuala Lumpur. Coley scored a hat trick of winning the ‘Best Hospitality Team’, ‘Best Cocktail Bar’, and ‘Bartender of the Year’ awards at The Bar Awards 2017.

Coley was awarded No. 46 in Asia’s 50 Best Bars 2018, and was amongst the 2 bars from Malaysia included in the prestigious list. The bar then continued to rise 19 spots up the year after, coming in at No. 27 in Asia’s 50 Best Bars 2019.

CK continues to contribute to the rising bar scene in Kuala Lumpur with a second bar specializing in gin named Pahit.


Dean fell in love with bar aesthetics during his cabinet-making apprenticeship, building and installing bars and kitchens around Melbourne. His curiosity and appreciation for the industry grew, and so he began his career in pubs and cocktail bars in London, before moving to Perth.

Dean was awarded the 2018 Western Australian Bartender of The Year award and has won numerous cocktail competitions. Dean co-owns a gin distillery and is now in the early stages of opening his bar and restaurant.


Natasha Mesa manages Bit House Collective, Portland’s most exciting new bar. A pillar of the Portland bar community since she arrived eight years ago, Natasha found purpose and helped reframe the goals she had through her work in the Cocktail Apprentice Program at Tales of the Cocktail.

Natasha is committed to helping other women and rising bartender talents achieve their goals and join the ranks behind the bar.


Jack originally ran his Instagram page to showcase tasty cocktails with a Scottish twist. A hobby he cultivated over the years, Jack acquired knowledge of cultures and cuisines from other people and distillers across the world, which influenced his approach to mixing flavours and experimenting with recipes.

Working as a waiter in a Scottish hotel chain further fueled Jack’s interest in mixology. His fascination with botanical aromas, curious marketing and unrestricted access to bar accessories led him to learn mixology.

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