Please contact us prior to sending your item for repairs. This is so that we can ascertain if the item can be repaired as some items may rely on parts that are no longer available.


    Please email your details as follows to :
  • Your name
  • Your country
  • Your contact number
  • Year of purchase
  • Name of the store
  • Item Name / Code
  • Please take close-up shots for the part/side you wish to repair
  • Please describe the problem with the item
  • Special instruction (if any)


Repair cost will vary accordingly depending on the scale of the repair effort. Before starting any repair, we will request your confirmation of:


  • repair cost
  • return shipping costs for those who cannot pick up their repaired item from our headquarters
  • turnaround time (please specify if you have urgent repair request)

Payment can be made via any of our available payment method here.