Welcome to Robotopia, a land inspired by vintage clockwork tin toys!

In Robotopia, robots chuff purposefully along, performing assigned functions and getting on with their lives at a relaxed analogue pace in a bustling android metropolis.

You can almost hear the familiar clicks, pops, ticks and clunks of a bygone era!

Star Pilot Sam Music Carousel
Turning Sam’s dome of a head (no more than 3 rotations please!) gets Twinkle Twinkle Little Star to play while the star pilot consults the ring-shaped array of navigation symbols.
Robotopia Photoframe 3R
Robotopia’s cityscape takes on the optimism and groovy style of cartoons and sci-fi matinees of the tin toy era.

Fits a standard 3R photo. Space is available for personalisation.
Recycler Riley Container
Caterpillar treads trundle over mountains of old tech as Riley searches out recyclables. The squat robot’s toothy grin hides a hinged lid which lifts to reveal a compartment of salvaged cogs.
Intel Elliot Rattle
Data-crunching Elliot sits comfortably in a bubble, sifting through news at the console and chiming out announcements whenever shaken. In bright-finish pewter, acrylic, and a wood handle with a food safe finish.
Jump-start Jamie Spork
Jamie’s tools are always close at hand to give hungry little tots a tune-up and a nutritious jump-start to their day. In pewter, with a stainless-steel spork.
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