Celebrating Togetherness

Rounds is a depiction of an ancient Chinese idiom, "Three rounds of drinks," which means whenever friends convene at a round table, the host would constantly walk around to refill everyone's cup, ensuring they are all satisfied.

Six elegant cups fit into one another, resembling a circle of friends with arms around shoulders. The volume of each cup is 45ml, which fits Chinese white wine (baijiu), whisky, and tea.

So let’s drink to happiness, health, friendship, love, wisdom and success!

About the Designer
Freeman Lau

Designed by Freeman Lau, founder and partner of one of Hong Kong’s most acclaimed graphic design consultancies, and a frequent speaker at international design events. He is also a recipient of the HKSAR government’s Bronze Bauhinia Star, in recognition of his contributions to Hong Kong design.

His Chairplay collection includes functional art pieces, conceptual installations as well as public art pieces. He designs museum products for the National Palace Museum and Hong Kong Heritage Museum from time to time.

Five Elements

The millennia-old Five Elements philosophy was conceived to explain natural phenomena, and to restore balance and harmony. It forms the core of this collection by Freeman Lau. A 4-character seal for ‘perpetual regeneration’, a tenet of the concept, marks the collection.

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