Animate your office or home workspace with Saurus.

The collection reinterprets Dinosauria’s iconic members in a playful stationery set, which doubles as workspace décor.

T-Rex Sharpener

Our T-Rex’ deadly teeth sharpens pencils instead of crushing prey.

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Stegosaurus Card Holder

The bony plates and prickly spikes, protect business cards as impressively as they do the herbivorous Stegosaurus.

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Triceratops Container

Our Triceratops might seem pugnacious, but that’s just outside appearances hiding a handy compartment. Its back can be lifted to store office essentials such as paper clips and pins.

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Apatosaurus Tape Measure

Apatosaurus, one of the longest sauropods around, makes its appearance as a 1-metre tape measure.

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Pterodactyl Magnifying Glass

Pterodactyl’s bat-like wings form the backdrop for a magnifying glass.

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Velociraptor Letter Opener

Our Velociraptor stands tall on the desk space with a long tail that functions as a letter opener.

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