In a galaxy far, far away...
Exotic worlds, iconic characters, and unforgettable stories.

Discover exciting Star Wars inspired collectibles. An ongoing partnership with the Walt Disney Company Southeast Asia.


The Limited Edition A New Hope Diorama

A replica of the iconic 1977 poster originally designed by the Brothers Hildebrandt.


Our Star Wars collection is designed and sculpted to be as accurate as the original property depicted, and in great detail.


Feel The Force


Limited Edition Luke vs Vader Diorama

Taking its cue from the iconic scene, this diorama accurately translates Vader delivering his powerful confession to Luke.

Limited Edition Green Yoda Bust

Yoda’s features reflect a life lived over nine centuries. The bust is given a graphite-enhanced tint to capture his distinctive appearance.

Limited Edition Rey Figurine

Rey, with her lightsaber, gripped tightly, poses in a combat-ready stance. Limited pieces worldwide.


Star Wars

Imperial Stormtrooper Keychain
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Frequently asked questions

Are Royal Selangor’s Star Wars collection authentic?

Royal Selangor's Star Wars collectibles are produced in collaboration with The Walt Disney Company Southeast Asia. All releases are authentic and come in Star Wars Official Licensee packaging.

Our Star Wars limited editions and 24K gilt pieces include a certificate of authenticity.

How do I care for my pewter Star Wars figurines?

Check for dust particles regularly. Then, gently wipe off any dust on your pewter Star Wars figurine with a damp soft cloth. For areas that are difficult to reach, gently wipe off the dust with a damp cotton bud.

Refrain from scrubbing or scouring your figurine, and do not use solvents when cleaning to prevent discolouration. To dry, dab it with a dry soft cloth.

What finishes are Royal Selangor's pewter Star Wars figurines and busts?

Royal Selangor's pewter Star Wars figurines and busts come in various finishes, such as satin finish, finely textured finish, brilliant finish and 24K gilt finish.

Some of our Star Wars limited editions are given a tint coat (clearcoat, graphite-enhanced tint or signature white gloss) to further enhance the product's aesthetics.