Vienna combines bold use of line and rich textures, inspired by 20th century classic designs, evocative of the Wiener Werkstätte in Vienna.

Vienna’s strong, defining angularity and curved edges invite touch and create soft shadows, whilst bands of clean, unadorned surfaces provide contrasts to the rich texture created by the fluting.


Raked surfaces on a glass receptacle sweep up to meet a voluptuously angled pewter spout. The decanter can be unscrewed into two parts: the pewter spout from the glass receptacle to facilitate cleaning. The decanter fits a sponge within and can be dried upside down without fear of it falling. Holds up to 1L.
For safety, we recommend placing the decanter on a stable surface when unscrewing the spout.

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Bottle Coaster

A ring of decorated fluting enlivens the formality of the pewter bottle coaster. Its walnut-stained rubberwood base is removable for convenient cleaning.

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Wine Funnel

Soft reflections play over the voluptuously fluted pewter surfaces as the Bordeaux launches against the decanter’s neck for optimum aeration. Includes a standard wire mesh sieve to catch lees or cork fragments.

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Wine Glass

Vienna’s wine glass surmounts a strikingly modern glass bowl on top of an equally modern fluted column. Sits on a pewter stem shorter than conventional and is great for red and white wine. Holds up to 30cL.

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Wine Pourer

Top your bottle with a rakishly-angled pewter pourer and serve wine with a flourish. Made with food-grade silicone.

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