Worlds of Imagination
Children get lost in the wonder of their imaginations easily. Imaginative and creative play is how they learn about the world.

Create fun and interactive environments that allow their minds to explore.
A Playroom that Inspires Curiosity

Inspire curiosity by providing your child with interesting and relevant indications to stimulate their imaginations.

Your home can prime their creativity.

Children love places where their imaginations can run wild. So, design your spaces to immerse them in their favourite subjects.


Blast off into a universe of imagination and adventure in retro style!

Explorer time-travels back to the classic sci-fi of 60s and 70s TV, in a christening collection to scout a universe of otherworldly galaxies, extraordinary planetary systems and extraterrestrial discoveries.

Climb aboard, boys and girls!


Welcome to a land inspired by vintage clockwork tin toys!

Get to know the fun and hardworking robots of Robotopia. They chuff purposefully along, performing assigned functions and getting on with their lives at a relaxed analogue pace in a bustling android metropolis.

You can almost hear the familiar clicks, pops, ticks and clunks of a bygone era!

Bunnies’ Day Out

The adage ‘life looks better through rose-tinted glasses’ couldn’t be more apt for this gregarious bunch of bunnies.

In their nostalgic mid-century world, every day out is a day filled with wonder, enjoyment and possibilities.

Their latest jaunt takes them to the Aloha State where sun, sand and surf awaits.

Teddy Bears’ Picnic

Inspired by the popular children’s song ‘The Teddy Bears’ Picnic’, the collection visually tells the endearing tale of teddy bears gathering for a day of fun, food and games, hidden away in the woods.

First launched between 1989 and 1991, this christening or children’s gift collection evokes the whimsical illustrative style of Roy Simpson, an artist from the UK.

Disney Music Carousels

Encourage their learning processes through interactive elements that stimulate their five senses: touch, sight, taste, smell and sound.

Our Disney-licensed themed music carousels pair beloved characters with signature tunes; perfect to inspire curiosity, and strengthen cognitive and sensory development.

A Playroom that Grows with Your Child

No matter how much we want our children to stay cute toddlers forever, they will eventually grow, and their interests and behaviours will change accordingly.

Create a playroom that will grow with your child without having to do another big transformation, by swapping elements that will continue to pique their interests and support their learning processes.

Cool Stationery Set

The dino-themed Saurus collection can double as a stationery set. The collection consists of a sharpener, a magnifying glass, a measuring tape, a name card holder and a container.


Our Phonos pod amplifier seamlessly amplifies the sound of video calls, podcasts and playlists from mobile phones anywhere, anytime. The acoustic shell’s interior and exterior are accented with bright finishes. It fits most mobile devices up to 1cm thick and charging cables depending on the smartphone case in use.

Board Games

Keep their minds active by learning new skills or indulging in a strategy game. Not only are they fun, but they can also teach valuable lessons in and about life, like how to make decisions in a short time under pressure using creativity, evaluation and analysis.

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