Celestial Blessings Contemplative Guan Yin Figurine LG

Size: H25.5cm x 16cm x 12cm

Seated in the lotus position in a contemplative state, a benevolent smile plays across Guan Yin’s face. The bodhisattva radiates goodwill and serenity, gazing downward to symbolise keeping watch over the world.

Xu Xiao Yong’s masterful sculpture depicts classic Chinese iconography for Guan Yin; flowing robes, a high chignon set off with an image of the Buddha, a single necklace, an enigmatic expression and overall sense of tranquillity, all interpreted with consummate skill.

Known as the Goddess of Mercy in English, Guan Yin is revered throughout East Asia as the embodiment of infinite compassion. The name Guan Yin 观音, meaning ‘one who perceives sounds’, is itself an abbreviation of Guanshiyin 观世音 ‘one who perceives the sounds of the world’ i.e. one who hears the world’s cries for help.

About the collection
Celestial Blessings by Xu Xiao Yong commemorates the mythologies and deities of Chinese culture. Lauded as one of China’s top sculptors, Xu is the recipient of numerous arts-related awards and serves as a member of the United Nations Arts Initiative.