Frost Glass

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Size: Cooler H3cm x Dia 8.5cm, glass H11cm x Dia 9cm x 30cL

Whether abstaining with water, savouring a summer’s evening with a Beaujolais or Pinot Grigio, or kicking back with a cocktail, the cooling coaster keeps your choice of beverage chilled. Used sans coaster, the pointy-footed glass rolls gently around, the better to coax those complex whisky aromas out.

For best cooling results, chill the coaster in the freezer, and your preferred beverage in the refrigerator, for an hour prior to use. The chilled coaster should then keep your drink sufficiently cooled for about 2 hours. If a dropped or damaged coaster leaks coolant, the liquid is water and poses little risk.

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The jewel-like interior of ice caves, sculpted by wind and water, interpreted in fine pewter.