Ganesha Figurine XL

Size: H23.5cm including base x 15.5cm x 15cm

Not only is Ganesha one of the most renowned of Hindu deities, worship transcends denominations, affiliations, and even faiths, with Jains and Buddhists also widely devoted to the four-armed elephant-headed god.

Revered, amongst a host of honours, as remover of obstacles, bringer of good luck, and figurehead of intellect and wisdom, this handsome pewter sculpture of Ganesha features all the classic iconography in exquisite detail.

Sat on a composite resin lotus dais with a plate of modak, his trunk curls languidly to sample one. The front right palm, raised in the Abhaya mudra or gesture of protection, displays the prime symbol of Hinduism Om, whilst right and left hands at the rear hold the Axe of Vishnu and a tether respectively. A mouse symbolising the keeping of temptation at bay rests at his feet.

About the collection
Divinity presents deities from the pantheon of Hinduism, the world’s oldest religion, exquisitely reproduced in pewter.