Heritage Buildings Plate

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Size Dia 25cm

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Malaysia is home to a panoply of historical sites and architectural treasures. The Heritage Plate’s seven, sculpted as if looking up at their very entrances, date from the 16th to the 20th century, and rank amongst the most beautiful.

Clockwise from A Famosa (1512 Malacca), Kuala Lumpur Railway Station (1910 Kuala Lumpur), Istana Jahar (1855 Kelantan), Sri Mahamariamman Temple (1972 Kuala Lumpur), Istana Lama Seri Menanti (1908 Negeri Sembilan), Peranakan Mansion (1890s Penang), Ubudiah Mosque (1917 Perak).

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About the collection
Malaysia’s warisan or heritage is a result of millennia of trade and settlement of peoples from across the Malay Archipelago and the great hinterland of Asia.

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