Koi Wine Jug

Size: H13cm x 14cm x Dia 11.5cm, flask 16cL

The wine jug comprises an auspiciously rotund hot water bath and a companion flask in which to warm liquor. Six koi on the bath and the flask’s trio make nine fish, adding ‘everlasting abundance’ to a collection replete with wordplay. Pewter with gilt detailing, and walnut-stained nyatoh handles.

Chinese liquors are traditionally served warm, the better to appreciate their unique aromas. To avoid mishaps from overflow when inserting the flask, we recommend filling the bath just halfway, and only with hot water, never boiling.

About the collection
A contemporary treatment of the classic wordplay phrases 源源不绝 yuán yuán bù jué and 年年有余 nián nián yǒu yú, felicitous wishes for everlasting plenty, transforms East Asian symbolism into unique accessories for any occasion.