Dragon Vase LG

NT$ 50,000.00
Engraving + NT$ 00.00
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Size: Vase H35cm x 27cm x 8cm, stand H5cm x 32cm x 10cm

A bold interpretation, the tianqiuping or celestial globe vase profile of the massive porcelain original is reimagined as a modern planar concave, with 24K gilding emphasizing the spectacular low relief sculpt of its proud three-clawed dragon. Unlike their brethren in occidental mythology, oriental dragons symbolise strength, benevolence, and the renewal of life, and are considered extremely auspicious.

Inscribed on the vase’s reverse is a couplet conjuring the enormous sense of power attributed to the dragon, a force that brings balance and unites heaven and earth.

Based on a vase with lotus and dragon decoration in underglaze blue; Ming dynasty, Yongle reign (1403-1424)

A stand is included with this item.

About the collection
A collaborative project with Taiwan’s National Palace Museum to reimagine its priceless collection of Chinese artworks and artefacts as objects for a contemporary lifestyle. Each piece carries the Museum’s logotype.