Koi Centrepiece

NT$ 60,000.00
Engraving + NT$ 00.00
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Size: H26.5cm including base x 26cm x 16cm

Swimming powerfully against the current, nine 24K gilded koi symbolising everlasting abundance gather momentum to breach a waterfall in a metaphor for courage, perseverance and accomplishment. A striking object in any interior, the abundant symbolism makes it especially meaningful in the corporate world. Pewter, with selected gilding, on a base of walnut-stained nyatoh.

The combination of a circular ring and square base references the Chinese concept of 天圆地方 tiānyuán dìfāng, literally ‘round heaven square earth’, which reflects the early belief in a flat square earth, surmounted by the celestial dome, but is also be taken to mean all-encompassing harmony.

Includes a H2cm x 8cm landscape orientation engraving plate for personalisation.

About the collection
A contemporary treatment of the classic wordplay phrases 源源不绝 yuán yuán bù jué and 年年有余 nián nián yǒu yú, felicitous wishes for everlasting plenty, transforms East Asian symbolism into unique accessories for any occasion.