Limited Edition Rulz Stallion Hip Flask

NT$ 7,000.00
Engraving + NT$ 00.00
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Size: H12.5cm x 7.5cm x 3cm x 15cL
A limited edition of 500 pieces worldwide.

The horse has held an allure in human consciousness since prehistory, appearing in visual representations as diverse as cave art, oil paintings, stone sculptures and cast metal. A symbol of power and beauty to tattoo artist Sam Rulz, her right arm is covered in horses.

To aid filling, a funnel is included. Before use, we recommend flushing out the hip flask with water a couple of times to clear any pewter dust that may remain from our finishing processes.

Originally from New Zealand, Sam is based in Vienna. A self-professed animal lover, she has been tattooing since 2006, and counts as inspiration the Renaissance, mythology, and her adopted home city.

About the collection
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