Limited Edition Splendour Plaque LG

NT$ 140,000.00
Engraving + NT$ 00.00
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Size: H50cm x 75cm x 3cm

A limited edition of 500 individually numbered pieces worldwide.

A peacock’s unfurled train is a magnificent sight, with its tail coverts’ hypnotic ocelli on full display. This impressively proportioned wall-hung plaque focusses attention on the peacock’s most defining feature.

Meticulously sculpted pewter is set off against a satin finish black timber background. The feathers’ distinctive eyespots are replicated here in niobium, a rare metal which becomes dazzlingly iridescent when anodised.

Included is a H2cm x 6cm landscape orientation engraving plate for personalisation.

About the collection
An ancient and enduring symbol, the spectacularly plumaged peacock continues to be a metaphor for light, wealth and prosperity to many world cultures.