Limited Edition Ortis Dragon Hip Flask

Size: H12.5cm x 7.5cm x 3cm x 15cL

A limited edition of 500 pieces worldwide.

The benevolent dragon, revered throughout East Asia, is a bricolage of animal parts, from its camel snout and deer antlers, to the carp scales cladding its serpentine body. Coiling majestically amongst swirling cosmic clouds, Luca Ortis’ spirited dragon exhibits all its signature traits, its three-taloned feet distinguishing it as a uniquely Japanese interpretation. Ortis’ distinctive mark, in the form of a rectangular senjafuda votive slip, is placed customarily off-kilter.

To aid filling, a funnel is included. Before use, we recommend flushing out the hip flask with water a couple of times to clear any pewter dust that may remain from our finishing processes.

North London-based Luca Ortis specialises in horimono, the traditional Japanese style of tattoo, creating large-scale custom designs for every client. Ortis does regular guest spots across the UK and Europe, and in Japan.

About the collection
Ink presents works by the world's tattoo artists against the lustre of pewter.

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Limited Edition Ortis Dragon Hip Flask
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