Sculptura Gilt Malayan Tiger

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Size: H22.5cm x 9.5cm x 28.5cm

It’s no surprise that the tiger evokes fear and apprehension. An apex predator, the world’s largest big cat commands attention and respect. Malaysia’s own critically-endangered species, the Malayan tiger Panthera tigris tigris, is no exception. It holds an indelible place in the Malaysian psyche, and is the stuff of legend, awe and wonder.

Sculptura’s homage takes the form of a supremely confident and powerful feline striding forward, its signature stripes inspired by the distinctive style of East Malaysia’s tattoo tradition. Tiger in brilliant finish pewter with 24K gilding, on a walnut-stained rubberwood plinth.

Included is a H3cm x 6.5cm landscape orientation engraving plate for personalisation.

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