Wayang Kulit Plaque

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Size: H30cm x 40cm x 3.5cm

The distinct aesthetic of wayang kulit or shadow theatre puppets from peninsular Malaysia’s bucolic northern states makes clear the longstanding cultural ties between Malaysia and Thailand. The Hikayat Seri Rama, the Malay adaptation of the Hindu epic Ramayana in which the characters Seri Rama, Siti Dewi and Laksamana play pivotal roles, reveals an even more ancient link with the Indian subcontinent.

Fine pewter framed in wood, against a bronze-hued composite resin backdrop of songket brocade motifs.

Included is a 2.5cm x 12.5cm engraving plate for personalisation.

About the collection
Malaysia’s warisan or heritage is a result of millennia of trade and settlement of peoples from across the Malay Archipelago and the great hinterland of Asia.