Keris Bali Miniature

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Size: Miniature 22cm sheathed, display case 34cm x 17.5cm x 4.5cm

The raksasa or demon figure of Hindu mythology lends the hilt of the Keris Bali its form. Typical of the Balinese style, its flamboyant sheath is richly carved. 24K gilding embellishes the miniature. A keyhole slot in the display case’s back allows for wall mounting.

The keris is a dagger unique to the Malay cultures of Southeast Asia, with renderings depicting the weapon dating to 825 CE. Asymmetry is this ancient weapon’s distinguishing feature and, although different styles exist, it is the wavy blade that is instantly recognisable. Today, the keris is a potent symbol of the history and culture of the Malay world.

Included is a 2.5cm x 6.5cm engraving plate for personalisation.

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